People at St. Andrew's

David Sargent Team Rector
Mandy Jones

Peter Clement

Assistant Priest/Vocation Development Officer for Carlisle Diocese & DDO.

Colin Sands Assistant Priest
Julie Barrett Reader
Hugh Ellison Reader with permission to officiate.
Andrew Gardner
Pastoral Care Co-ordinator (Licenced Lay Minister)
Neil Barrett Churchwarden
Jane Boylan
Alan Lee
Bill Maddams Churchwarden
Neil Barrett
PCC Vice-Chairman
Duncan Walker
PCC Secretary
Hugh Ellison Associate PCC Secretary
John Woodman Treasurer
Andrew Gardner Gift Aid Officer
Kathleen Stourton Safeguarding Officer
Christine Callery Parish Office Administrator

Colin Marston Organist and Choirmaster
Stuart Harper Sacristan and leader of the servers
Alistair Harper Verger & webmaster
Duncan Walker Tower Captain
Lesley Easterby
Tuesday Club Leader assisted by Kathleen Powley
Ann Currie &
Mary Edwards
Penrith Mothers' Union Branch Leaders
Sarah Bowers Sunday School

Cathy Harper

Sunday School

Jill Hodgson Sunday School
Judith Markey
Chair of School Govenors, Beaconside C of E Primary School
Ladybirds & Sunday School
Carl Mimmack Penrith Deanery Youth Minister, Network Youth Church.
The Gathering, King Street, Penrith.
Carole Gardner Church Electoral Roll Officer

Duncan Walker, John Woodman & John Barnes

"Beacon" magazine editorial committee


Revd. David Sargent,

Team Rector

Tel. (01768) 863000

Revd. Mandy Jones 

Revd. Mandy Jones, 




Revd. Colin Sands, 

Assistant Priest

Peter Clement

Revd. Peter Clement

Assistant Priest

Diocesan Vocations Development Officer &     Director of Ordiands

Neil Barrett,



Jane Boylan Churchwarden

Jane Boylan,



     Bill Maddams,



 Alan Lee Churchwarden

Alan Lee,