Our Vision


'To be Christ in the Heart of Penrith'

(Parish of Penrith St. Andrew's PCC)

Our Parish subscribes to the Carlisle Diocese Vision and Strategy 2011-2020. Our vision for the Church in Penrith needs to be interpreted within the context of an overall mission: By God's grace, to grow God's Kingdom in Cumbria.


Carlisle Diocese Vision Statement

'To see our churches growing Disciples of all ages.


Being a disciple means being a committed follower of Jesus with all that involves for belief and lifestyle. It is key to growth of every kind, and everything we do as a Diocese during the next ten years will be geared to enabling this vision for discipleship to be realised. "Go and make disciples of all nations" said Jesus in what is now seen as the 'Great Commission' (Matthew 28) - and that is what we believe He is now saying to us. We long for Cumbria to be a place where disciples both grow, and help to grow, other disciples.


The Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome, and the Diocese expects to see many signs of what we believe are the 'five marks of discipleship':


  • Maturity of faith, which leads to
  • Prayer and worship which is expectant and lively
  • Community service and engagement looking outwards
  • Evangelism sharing the good news
  • Quality of relationships "see how these Christians love one another"


As we do these things we will grow in our faith; and as our faith grows, we will do these things more and better, so that we will actually be able to see how discipleship is developing throughout Cumbria.

Growing Disciples Vision and Strategy: 2011-2010
(Published by Carlisle Diocese)

Generous God,

you call us to follow you and send

us to make more disciples.

By the grace of your Holy Spirit,

may we grow to your glory and

the flourishing of your kingdom

through Jesus Christ our Lord.





Parish of Penrith Saint Andrew Registered Charity No. 1130727