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St Andrew’s Church Penrith, 300th Anniversary Project

Online Consultation for Stakeholders and Community Organisations

 1) In what ways do you see the St Andrew’s church already contributing to the life of the community?

2) How often do you, or your organisation, currently use St Andrew’s church? (If not currently a user, please move to Question 5)

3) What types of activities do you attend at St Andrew’s, or does your organisation use it for?

4) What features or facilities do you appreciate most about the building currently?

5) What features or facilities do you think are currently lacking, which would improve your experience or help you use it more.

6) Do you see any gaps in what is available for the community to use (eg facilities, capacity, availability), considering all venues currently available in the town?

7) Are there any ways you see St Andrew’s church could or should be aiming to contribute to the life of the community, over the next 50-100 years?

8) Do you have any other suggestions for our 300th Anniversary project, as we consider how St Andrew’s can serve the community of Penrith and the local area more in the future?


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