Young People


Ignite Youth People

Ignite is the name used for the youth work that goes on within Penrith and the surrounding villages for those aged 11-18. At Ignite we recognise that we are at different stages in our understanding of Jesus and we invite all to explore this together in a safe and friendly place.

Ignite Penrith is a registered charity and is part of the Network Youth Church for Cumbria, an initiative by the Church of England.

the gathering is a former coffee shop in the heart of the Penrith. The non-for-profit business allows us at Ignite to use the first two floors of the premises for running different youth work projects (including a Youth Cafe on Monday and Saturday afternoons) free of charge. Much of the work we do would not be possible without the support we receive from the gathering. To find out more about the building, follow this link to their website>

Carl Mimmack

Carl Mimmack is the Network, youth Church Minister for Penrith and the surrounding villages. He lives near Greystoke and is married with two children.



Want to find out more about Jesus?

"rejesus" explores the life, character, teachings and followers of Jesus. It talks about how he has been quoted and misquoted, written about, worshipped and argued over.
Its a great site to find out more about Jesus, Prayer and spirituality.